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How do I set up WiFi of my imoo Watch Phone?

After binding the watch to your mobile phone, enter "More" - "Watch WiFi" in the mobile APP to set up. After setting up, the watch will automatically connect to WiFi. The watch only supports 2.4G WiFi.

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How do I check the state of the network on my imoo Watch Phone?

In the main interface, slide down to enter the notification interface; check the notification bar icon at the top to ...

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imoo Watch Phone network signal is abnormal.

1. Re-insert the SIM card and try again.2. Try again in an area with little signal interference.3. Insert a new SIM c...

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It says "Wrong Password for WiFi Connection" during imoo Watch Phone WiFi connection.

1. First, check whether the WiFi password is wrong, then re-enter the password.2. Turn on a hotspot on your phone and...

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imoo Watch Phone WiFi is always automatically disconnected.

Enable “Keep WiFi Connection When the screen doesn't light up" in "Watch Settings" in the "more" interface of imoo APP.

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