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Flip up Halloween - Have your $10 coupon on imoo Watch Phone Z6


  • Halloween Campaign: How to Win an imoo Watch Phone Z6?

    We have a lot happening this halloween during our halloween campaign. First we have our website campaign which will give you the opportunity to get a coupon. Second we have a social media campaign which will give you the opportunity to win an imoo Watch Phone Z6. We will explain more about both events below.
  • Introducing Your Child To The Digital World Safely!

    The digital world is far more prominent today, with brand new devices being introduced more than ever. Because of this continued normalisation of the digital world, devices are also now more widely available to more and more people, this includes children.
  • How imoo Watch Phone Z6 Beats Smartphones?

    There has been a growing interest in parents buying smartphones for their children with some fairly good reasons as it allows their child to communicate with their parents in case anything is needed as well as the media that they consume and apps they play with on the device. 
  • imoo Watch Phone Z6 - Created for Parents and Children

    Here at imoo, we have one question on our mind when developing our watch phone for children. The question we ask is, what connects us? We understand as parents how much we cherish our children and we always look out for what is best for them. As parents, this was great motivation to drive us forward and has sparked great inspiration for us during our research and development of our product.