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With summer on the way, it makes sense that you and your child want to use the time to enjoy some sun and get some much needed exposure to the outdoor air. There are many health benefits from letting your child outdoors. It helps them to develop emotionally and physically and allows them to learn many skills. The additional benefits to introducing your child to nature at an early age also allows them to appreciate the grass, the trees, the lakes and all the animals the living in them. This means that they are likely to show greater care for them later in life. There are many activities that your child can enjoy which can introduce and get them closer to nature. We have 6 great ways that you can do this summer:

Nature Activities For Your Child

Treasure Hunt:

Setting up a treasure hunt is something that can be done anywhere. It can be in a park, some woods, at the beach or just about any place. It can be local to you or where you have plans to travel. A activity like this can help them to explore the natural environment around them, learning about the wildlife while they are immersed in the fun. While your child is out and about searching for the hidden treasure there is no need to worry about your child getting lost. If you buy the imoo Watch Phone Z6, you can keep track of your child's location thanks to it’s AI Locating GPS technology.

Grow a Garden:

Growing a garden is a simple task to set up. All you will require to give your child is compost, seeds and a place to grow the plants. This activity is a great way of showing how nature develops. It gives them necessary skills to learn responsibility, dedication and importance of routine by giving the task of planting the initial seeds then looking after and watering until the seeds grow into plants.


Spending the night outdoors is a great way to show your child survival techniques. Collect firewood to make a campfire, build a tent and trek with a backpack of supplies. This activity can also help your child with developing problem solving skills. While your child is being adventurous you can easily talk to him using video call on the imoo Watch Phone Z6.

Create a Natural Habitat:

Build a box and put things from the local nature park in there. This will allow creatures to find it as shelter and use it as their home. Your child can observe the wildlife that has decided to use the habitat. Afterwards you child can learn learn more about the local wildlife and the places that they like to live.

Create a Nature Log:

By creating a nature log, your child can list all the creatures that they see and show off what they have found. This can help them to engage with nature and greatly improve their observation and research skills. This activity can also enhanced by taking pictures of the creatures on the imoo Watch Phone Z6 cameras.

Have a Picnic:

A picnic on a summer's day is a great way to enjoy the weather and get outside. This can be done in your back garden or local park. It is a fun and exciting difference to eating inside on the table. It gives you the chance to relax and eat while watching the plants and animals. Your child may want to take this opportunity to capture this moment by taking some pictures too.

Time To Go Out And Enjoy Nature

It is highly beneficial to allow your child to experience nature for a number of different reasons. It can help with their health as well as their emotional and mental development. While out and about in nature with your child you can always rely on the imoo Watch Phone Z6. We hope you enjoy your summer and manage to let your child enjoy nature.


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