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There has been a growing interest in parents buying smartphones for their children with some fairly good reasons as it allows their child to communicate with their parents in case anything is needed as well as the media that they consume and apps they play with on the device. However there are many potential concerns that you as a parent may have with allowing your children to use smartphones, this includes that you may have no way of overseeing their children's activities, the amount of time spent looking at the screens and the security concerns that you might have when your child is using these devices. These things can certainly be a concern to parents who want to ensure that their children stay safe and have enriched lives. 

imoo’s goal is to help parents to combat against the things that worry them about their children using smartphones. With an arrange of features in their new imoo Watch Phone Z6 to help to combat any worries that you as a parent while at the same time offering a device that your child can enjoy, providing them with independence to enjoy life and contact to you whenever they like:

No Distractions During Class

Class Mode is a feature that can be allocated by you in the imoo app that disables all features (except for watch mode and emergency contact) during designated times. This is to give you control over the amount of time your child can use the watch phone and when your child can use the watch phone. This is to ensure that your child does not have any distractions during their studying or does not over use the device.



No Harmful Sites and Content 

By having dedicated social features, it manages to keep your children away from potentially harmful sites and content. These features can also be moderated by you by blocking anyone you want from connecting to the device. This is to provide you with more control over the content that your child is available to access while your child will still be able to have the opportunity to stay connected with their friends and family.

No Stranger Calls

Strangers potentially contacting your child is also another thing that may concern you. This can very easily be prevented with parental controls in the imoo app, by selecting the option to block unknown and strange calls on the device. This provides you with the reassurance that your child will not be contacted by anyone you do not want while at the same time allowing your child to continue to communicate within their own social circle.



Why buy imoo instead?

In conclusion there are many benefits that your child could have from owning a imoo Watch Phone instead of a smartphone, with the additional safety and parental control features that can help to monitor and moderate your child to create a safe and fulfilling childhood, creating a good compromise for both you and your child’s needs and desires.


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