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Your child's ears are super sensitive while they are developing. It's very possible they could be damaged if they hear sounds over 85 decibels. Adult headphones are not ideal for children to use, so you would be best off purchasing a pair of headphones designed specifically for children. The imoo Ear-care Headset is here, created with child's hearing development in mind, with it’s excellent industrial design.

Safe 85 dB volume, made with children’s hearing in mind

The World Health Organization recommends that a safe volume level for children to listen to is less than 85 dB, this is something that we had in mind by ensuring the maximum volume of imoo Ear-care Headset is 85 dB. All this is to ensure that we encourage healthy hearing development for children.


Unique sound structure to promote child safety

Children may need something different from all the bulky children's ear-covering headphones on the market for a number of different reasons. The imoo Ear-care Headset has an innovative external sound source structure to keep the audio out of the ear with its Soundbeaming technology to achieve "no sense of headphones'' wearing experience, care for the child's delicate eardrums and gives children the ability to hear there surrounding at the same time making them much safer to use. 


High-standard materials for children’s comfort

The structure of the headset is designed with a child's multi-dimensional wearing experience in mind. It adopts a hanging neck structure made of aero-medical grade high-strength memory metal nickel-titanium alloy and a body wrapped with a lighter, skin-friendly, green and healthy material TPE soft rubber to protect the child's sensitive and weak skin. The whole design is only 30g, which makes it light and comfortable to wear.


Exclusive infrared sensor for smarter wearing detection

There are infrared sensors on both sides of the imoo Ear-care Headset that can detect if your child is wearing them or not. When they take it off the device it pauses the playback and automatically resumes when it is put back on. This makes it easier and smarter for children to use. It also includes  Bluetooth 5.0, which can be quickly connected to other devices including imoo phones and watches from a distance of 10 meters so it can be more adapted to more children's use scenarios. 


Super performance to meet multiple scenes of life

With a waterproof grade of IP54, the imoo Ear-care Headset can meet the daily sports and life needs of children and has a full charge that can be used for 8 hours of uninterrupted use with online lessons and listening to music.

Keeping your child's ears healthy during their development is extremely important. With the imoo Ear-care Headset you can safely trust that your child will continue to have the same great experience especially made for them.


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