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You probably have been considering getting a GPS device for your child because of the benefits that come from this, the obvious first reason would be that you can check the location of your child even during times when you are busy that gives you peace of mind for your child to freely play outside and stay safe. There are many benefits that come from letting your child freely play outside, it gives them the space to develop social skills and mature with additional independence. These essential skills can help them learn vital skills for later in life during their critical development stages. In this article we will explain how the  imoo Watch Phone Z6 does this and how it works.


First Let’s Get Right To The Hardware.

When comparing the hardware of imoo Watch Phone Z6 to other devices, it has very clear benefits that make it a worthy choice. It includes an AI Locating GPS that allows you to get a pinpoint location of up to 10 meters. It also includes a strong and water resistant body with German TüV SüD WT-Mark Safety Certification and IPX8 Water Resistance, built to withstand more than a far more expensive premium smartwatch and making it far more ideal for children to preserve a high quality locating device for your child. It also has the additional benefits of 2 cameras, one being the 8MP Rear Camera and the 5MP Front Camera used for video calls. This means you are able to stay in contact with your child when you notice they are going somewhere they should not be. It includes a SIM card slot giving you the choice to choose the data plan that suits your needs which is necessary for using the communication and locating feature we will explain more later in the article.


So How About The Software?

The software for the imoo Watch Phone Z6 is convenient for both parents and children to use. There is an easy to navigate UI for children installed into the watch. As well as this it also includes a dedicated APP for the parent’s smartphone. The Smartphone APP is like a utility belt for all features that parents use with the imoo Watch Phone Z6. It allows important things that include moderation over watch features, communication with the watch and of course locating the watch, all of which can be found on this one APP from imoo. Going into more depth about the locating software on the APP, it includes a number of innovative solutions to potential issues that might be on a parent’s mind. First of all we can highlight the Google Maps licenced with Real Time Locating, this feature includes additional technologies that aid with the effectiveness of the feature including a Base Station and Acceleration Sensor that increase the accuracy in real time. There is also a feature called Security Guard which automatically notifies parents when their children leave a designated area. Finally there is the Movement Status Monitoring that gives parents information about the journey of their child. All these built in features help to make the device ideal for parents who are cautious about where their child may go.


This All Sound Great, How Do We Set It Up?

Setting up  imoo Watch Phone Z6 is surprisingly easy to do. First you need to pick a mobile carrier of your choice to insert into the imoo Watch Phone Z6. Once you have inserted the SIM card and switch the imoo Watch Phone Z6 on, you can begin to bind with the APP on the parents smartphone and after this step is complete the parent will be able to operate the APP as they wish, taking advantage of all the great benefits that the device has to bring. Being able to choose a SIM card can offer you more options as you will be able to pick and choose a data plan that suits your needs and complements all the features that imoo has to offer.


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