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As parents, we are always thinking about the balance between giving our children the freedom and independence to grow or making sure our children are safe. We want our child to have the ability to have the independence to grow and develop with things like walking to school and learn to problem solve by themselves. But there are also many things that are on our minds as parents. We may worry about our children going somewhere they shouldn’t go alone or getting into trouble. So exactly what can you do as a parent to maintain the balance you are looking for? Let's take a quick look at how this is possible.

Using The GPS To Locate Your Child

Your child’s imoo Watch Phone Z6 comes with GPS tracking that allows you to accurately locate your child and make sure they go where they say they are going whenever you like. You can do this by simply checking the imoo APP to give you peace of mind that your child is fine while providing them with the independence they need to grow and develop.

You want to give your child independence in their social life, you might be asking yourself “Has my child got a healthy social life?”. There are many things however that may concern you, for example you may want to make sure your child stays out of trouble or maybe you are worried they may get lost. You might be thinking to yourself when they are out with their friends “Are they going where they say they are?”. These are situations you do no longer need to worry about with imoo Watch Phone Z6. 

Thanks to the GPS, you can always check the most accurate location. To check their location, simply open the imoo APP then tap on “Locate” to receive up to date information on your child’s location. This is possible because it uses the GPS positioning via satellite and wifi positioning to allow an accurate location in real time. The positioning of the watch is then sent over to the imoo APP on your smartphone that allows you to check the location with position accuracy that can reach a range of 20 meters. The GPS is also using technology that is licensed with Google Maps.

Using The Security Guard To Inform Your Child Has Left

There is a Security Guard that is featured in imoo Watch Phone Z6 that aims to ensure the safety of your child. This is possible through the features that connect imoo Watch Phone Z6 to the imoo APP. It allows you to ensure that your child stays in a safe location by notifying you through the APP once your child has left the designated location you have set up on the APP.

There might be many reasons for wanting to be notified when your child leaves a designated location. You might be trying to keep your child away from a potential trouble or stop a stranger taking your child away. This can be prevented by setting a boundary which notifies you that your child has left a safe location so you will be informed straight away and allow you to respond as you feel would be best. There are probably many other scenarios that you can think of so imoo Watch Phone Z6 has added this feature to ensure the safety of your child. 

Setting up this feature on the device is a fairly simple process. First you should connect the WiFi of these safe zones in the APP. After you have done this it is as simple to wait for once the kids leave the safe zone by disconnecting from the WiFi, you will receive a message that will be sent automatically to you. This is how you will be informed that your child has left a designated location.

In Conclusion

As a parent it is natural to think about the wellbeing of your child. You might be thinking of your child's ability to fulfill an enriched independent life but also thinking of the safety of your child. Here at imoo we have taken time to research and develop a device that can help to give parents peace of mind of parents with these potential issues and worries.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 has been built to help parents to keep a balance between child independence and child safety with GPS to accurately locate your child and Security Guard so you can be instantly informed if your child has left a designated location. The vision is about giving you the balance you would like between giving your child independence while also ensuring their safety so you can have peace of mind.


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